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Soya Badi is the perfect partner for your

Yum Dum meals!

And you should be happy because it has...

  • milk

    5 times more protein than milk

  • protien

    Proti-9 for body growth

  • fat

    99% fat-free


Chef Pranav’s

Soya Diaries

Sizzling Soya delicacies, from the Yum Dum kitchen!

Soya Badi’s week-long special menu for you...

So you have a lazy yet filling Sunday!

ingredient ingredient

So that you start loving your Monday lunch again!

ingredient ingredient

For your delightful Tuesday meal!

ingredient ingredient

To beat your mid-week blues!

ingredient ingredient

A scrumptious treat for your Thursday breakfast!

ingredient ingredient

Because Friday evenings can be healthy too!

ingredient ingredient

Ready to give your cooking a Fortune Soya spin? Bon Appetit.

Kitchen Champs

Game, set, match Kitchen Champs! This is how everyday dishes turned Yum N' Dum.